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Documents required to upload for Registration :

If you are a licensed Seller ( Retail shop or Boutique)

  1. Shop License
  2. VAT or GSTIN for licensed shops/boutiques( if applicable
  3. Identification (Aadhaar card- front and back  OR passport first page and last page)
  4. Bank details for transferring money once sold  your saree .
  5. Store Logo-125×125 px ( if you have physical shop) 
  6. Store Banner- 1650×350 ( if you have) 
  7. Mobile Banner- 1520×250 ( if you have)


If you are an individual pre-owned saree seller

  1. Identification (Aadhaar card- front  OR passport first page and last page)
  2. Bank details for transferring money once sold  your saree .
  3. Recent Photograph 



First Name

Store Name*


Date of Registration


Mobile Number( include country code) for communication*

whatsapp number ( include country code) for communication*

email id for placing order and communication

Country( From where will you courier saree?)

Do you have a Licensed saree/cloth/fashion shop in any country?

Seller Category( which category will you fall under?)

Courier Pick up address in detail( include nearby land mark, PIN)

Brand Name : Preferred Name for your Online Store( Example :Manju Silks , Geetha Silks etc"

How many sarees would you like to list for selling in first 3 months?

Want to avail any premium services for initial store set up and product upload?

Personal ID Number ( Passport no. or Aadhaar card no.)

ID expiry Date

Date of Birth( as per ID)

Mention License Number, if you are a licensed seller

Licensed Shop Name, if you are a licensed seller

Please Provide Bank Details , to transfer the payment for the saree once sold.

Please upload your Aadhar Card or Passport Front & Back or Emirates ID or any National ID

Upload your recent photograph

Upload License copy, if you are a licensed seller ( shop/boutique)

Upload Store Logo , if you have (125x125 px)

Upload Store banner if you have (1650x350 px)

Upload store banner for mobile version , if you have ( 1520x250 px)

I agree to sale agreement of 80% to me and 20% to you ( sellursaree)

I agree that the payment settlement will be done monthly ( between 7-10th) for all sarees sold previous month.

I agree that incase of customer dissatisfaction and refund, the 2 times courier expense should be borne by me. ( seller to buyer + buyer back to seller)

I am aware that I will be banned to sell in this platform if 3 refund to customers happen due to my mistake/negligence

I am aware that the price in the site is entered in UAE dirham. Conversion is 1 Indian Rupees= .044 AED

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