Looking out for Online Store Set up Managers ( Freelancers)

Freelancer Required

Online Store Set up Manager

Job Description:

  1. You need to undergo a training about sarees like identifying fabric, colour, weave etc ( youtube videos + training in Zoom)
  2. You need to go to the client house ( after the information given by us) as per the client availability.
  3. Take all necessary gadgets for the shoot( camera, tripod, folding table, lights if required)
  4. Take pics and videos 
  5. Write all description for saree( format will be given to you)
  6. Pack the products properly with SKU label
  7. Upload to the website


You need to have minimum equipment

  1. Camera or mobile with high resolution camera
  2. Manage your own transport to the client site
  3. Upload the product to the site as per the training given , either through mobile or computer.


UAE : AED 1000 for 1-20 sarees ( 1 day work). Additional sarees AED 50 for every 10 sarees

India : INR 5000 for 20 sarees ( 1 day work). Additional sarees INR 250  for every 10 sarees.

Other countries : coming soon 

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