Buyer/Customer Policy

Cancellation , Courier/Shipping , Return and Refund Policy

Buyer/Customer FAQs

Debit/Credit Card and Currency

Visa/ Master Card and American express card. Both Debit card and Credit card is accepted.

Customer can view in all currencies and payment is accepted in UAE dirhams. Conversion rate will be as per the bank.

Order Cancellation Policy

 Yes. Customer can cancel the order within 12 hrs of purchase. Once the dispatch is processed by the seller, customer cannot cancel. Incase of cancellation, courier charge and processing fee of 3% will be deducted from the customer. The balance amount will be refunded. If cancelling the order within 12 hrs, 97% will be paid back deducting 3% of processing fee.

 Either money wil be transferred to the credit/debit card or to the customer’s bank 

Once the cancellation request is done and if it is approved ( if less than 12 hrs), the refund processing will start and will reflect in the customer account within 3-5 days , depending upon the bank approval time.

Product Out of Stock Policy

If the product is out of stock, the customer will be communicated via email and customer will be given an option of either refund or choose another product

100% will be refunded , if the product is out of stock. 

Damage , Return and Refund Policy

Yes. The customer can return the product  if it is damaged product and  meets the criteria

  1. Return request should be received within 12 hrs of receiving product.
  2.   damage should not be the same damage which has been already claimed by the seller in the product specification area of the product description
  3. Picture and  video needs to be taken, as a proof of damage. will take care about the return courier. Courier company will pick up saree from the buyer and return to the seller . Once the return is approved, communication will be done to the buyer via email , to confirm the pick up time.

Customer will bear the courier cost if return is due to the damage which has been claimed already by the seller. This is applicable mostly to the pre owned saree. The amount will be refunded , deducting courier charge of both (to and return) and processing fee of 3%.

The seller will bear the cost of both (to and return) courier, in case there is damage identified by the customer which has not been declared by the seller in the product description. This also is applicable by the pre owned product.

In case of dispute, the customer’s and the seller’s will be taken into consideration and will make a final decision. 

If repeated refund cases comes from customer side or seller side, will ban the user to use this online platform for selling their product or buying .

The two time courier costs are:

1. Shipping form seller to customer
2 Shipping from customer back to seller

The two time processing fee are:

1 Processing fee from the customer to the bank
2 Processing fee from the bank to the customer

If the return is approved (situation like un claimed damage in the product): 100% refund will be given to the customer.

If the return is due to the reason which has been claimed by the seller in advance at the product specification: Refund will be given to the customer after deducting 2 times courier charge( to and return)+ 3% processing fee.

If the product is not been received by the seller by the specified time period: No refund.


The refund process will start after the seller receiving the product. Once confirmed by the seller, it may take 3-6 days, as per the bank transfer time.

It may take 1-2 days . Once confirmed with courier company, will inform the customer and will communicate about the pick uptime from house or office, from the same place it delivered. It may take another 3-5 days to be received by the seller.

No. Courier facility is monitored directly by

Refunds will be made onto the original mode of payment and will be processed within 5 to 15 days depends on the issuing bank of the credit card.

  • The wrong product was sent by the seller.
  • The product is defective, which is not been claimed already by the seller in the product description.
  • The product was damaged in shipping.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

Delivery/Courier/Shipping Information

The courier partner in UAE is Aramex.

The sellers from India will do direct courier from them. will monitor all courier service directly

Yes. The customer can tract the Aramex courier.

Shipping/Courier /Delivery  will be done by a third-party courier. Aramex Courier. 
Delivery within UAE cities shall be in 2-3 working days and from 5 to 10 working Days to Other Countries  UAE Delivery Fees will be a Flat Rate of AED: 20-25 which you can see at the cart page. Delivery Fees outside UAE will be mentioned on the checkout page depending on the country and location. Avoid any delivery delay by providing your full address along with your contact details

The products get delivered to all Countries and mainly UAE. 

The seller will bare the costs  of 2 time courier cost and processing fee, incase of refund approved by on the grounds of damaged item.

The two time courier costs are

  • Shipping form seller to customer
  • Return shipping from customer to seller

The two time processing fee that has to be bared by the seller:

  • Processing fee from the customer to the bank
  • Processing fee from the bank to the customer

Incase refund is not approved on certain grounds, the customer can keep the product, no need to send return courier and No refund will be given.

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