Seller FAQs

Payment , Courier/Shipping , Return and Refund Policy

Points to be noted by Sellers regularly. Subject to change.

How to become a seller

It  is a very easy process.

Step 1 : Send the application form . To access the application form click here

Step 2 : Wait for the approval for 3-5 days.

Step 3: Once accepted, you will receive a mail of confirmation.

Step 4: Then , will give you training on how to upload your sarees and set prices.

Step 5: Once sale is done, you will receive payment. To read more on how to receive money, refer other questions.

No. You dont have to pay anything to become a seller. All you need to pay certain percentage ( 10-15%) of your selling price, once sale is done.

If you don’t want to upload by yourself, we will do it for you and we will manager your store.

There are different types of sellers  support system on

  1. Self Service (Self Product Management) Category: These are individuals or retailers who manage their store of their own, upload their products. gives them access to their store dashboard and training.  The training is done through Zoom or there are many training videos. There is no fee, it is a free service. 
  2. Assisted Service ( Assisted Product Management) Category: These are individuals or retail shops whose products are uploaded by us. Seller should take pictures and videos of sarees and send to us in Google drive or Dropbox. They should send their saree description also. We upload them in our website, essentially we do everything and once the transaction is done, we  transfer the money to your bank accounts. One time set up fee is applicable. The setup fee is AED 200 upto 20 sarees and AED 400 upto 50 sarees.
  3. VIP service. In this category, we even come and take your saree pictures and videos. It is completely VIP service, including packaging the saree, keep it ready for delivery. One time setup fee is AED 500 for 20 sarees and AED 100 for 20- 50 sarees.

You can keep one saree upto 6 months, If it does not sale, you may have to change some marketing statgies.

Seller Category

All below category can sell in our online platform.

There are 4 category

Category 1: Retail Shop( Licensed shop)

Category 2: Boutique ( Licensed Shop)

Category 3: Individuals -Pre-Owned (no shop)

Category 4: Individual Designers. ( no shop)

Your settlement amount is 20%. 80% to the seller and 20% to

Yes. The seller should send the courier upon getting confirmation order. Your settlement will be monthly. You will receive money  between 7-10 the of every month , for the sale done on previous month 1-30th.

Delivery/Courier/Shipping Information will take care about the courier. Courier will pick up saree from seller shop or seller house ( if pre owned) and will deliver to the buyer( house or office). has courier partners for all courier service in the middle east ( UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi )


The buyer will bear the cost of the courier. He/She will pay at the time of check out.

Seller should bear the cost of the return courier if there is product damage . If the buyer wants to return the product due to the damage claimed by you already in the specification section of Product Description page, the courier charge will be deducted from his refund money.

If we receive repeated refund requests from customers on products from a particular seller, we will look into it.  After 3 customer complaints, the seller will be banned from using this platform for selling.

No, all transactions will go through and we will transfer the money to the sellers account once the business transaction is complete.

Repeated refund/return from customers ( 3 times ) will end up in blocking the seller from selling on the platform of To lift the ban, the seller has to request to sellURsaree judgement panel and has to clear all due payments .

  1. Manage and process your orders through Seller/Store  Dashboard
  2. Log on to the Supplier Panel/ Store Dashboard orders  and accept your order. 
  3. Pack your product and keep it ready for pickup
  4. Pack the product properly in order to avoid any possible damage and there by return by the customer and refund. does not provide any packaging material.
  5. Hand over the product to Delivery Partner
  6. Our logistics partner will pick up the order from your pickup address and deliver it directly to the customer.

It may take 3-5 days. International courier may take 5-10 days.

The courier charge will depend on the seller location. You can see courier charge at check out.

No, no information of the seller can be given to the customer (for eg. bank details or phone number) as all the communication channels will flow through The Featured sellers information can be seen by customers in the featured seller page.

Order Cancellation

Yes. Customer can cancel an order within 12 hrs of placing the order. The seller will start packing the product after that only. Once cancelled, it will be intimated to seller.

If a customer cancel the order after dispatching the product, the seller has to wait till the customer receives it . After receiving, we will make arrangement to pic up saree from customer and will send to you. Once you receive we will process for the refund to the customer , after deducting 2 courier and 2 processing fee.  

Out of Stock

You will intimate us as early as possible, so that we will communicate to the customer and process the refund. 100% amount will be refunded to the customer.

We recommend the sellers to update the status of the product availability on a daily basis. If repeatedly out of stock refund happens, may warn you for further using platform.

Refund Information

 No, if the product order  is cancelled within the specified time of 12 hrs( before dispatching) , the customer gets the full refund .

Customer will not get refunded any money, if the customer reject the product on the damage which has been already claimed by seller in teh product descriton colomn.

Otherwise, if the damage is genuine , the refund will be given to customer. In that case, seller will not get any money. seller will get his product back Both courier ( from and to) has to be born by the seller.

The seller will bare the costs  of 2 time courier cost and processing fee.

The two time courier costs that has to be bared by the seller:

  • Shipping form seller to customer
  • Shipping from customer to seller


The two time processing fee that has to be bared by the seller:

  • Processing fee from the customer to the bank
  • Processing fee from the bank to the customer

Payment Method

The seller will receive the money for the saree he/she sold , after 10-15 days. You need to wait until the refund period gets over. 

Settlement ( money for the saree) will be done through bank transfer . 

Technical Support

Contact us for support. Click here

No. there is nothing technical. It is an easy process and handling and uploading products are easy.